Print Pack | Steel Industry
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We at Print Pack Labels believe in new challenges all time. We have a wide range of products for the world largest industry : STEEL. We devote lot of time and money to develop new product range for this industry which is a very interesting industry. Different companies have different types of requirements based on their product and manufacturing process. We supply this tags all over the Globe and still are hungry for new projects. Our tags are printable with barcode or any details as required by the enduser. We have wide range of raw material for this industry based on the application.

Some of the basic to mention as follows :

  • Non Tearable Tags in Rolls and Sheets


At Print Pack we produce Non Tearable tags in roll form, sheets and fan folded. This tags are used in various industrial applications such as for Steel Industries, Heavy Equipment, Cement Blocks, Safety Signs, etc. Our qualified team can suggest the best software as well printing solution based on your application. Each project we get is handled with utmost care and customer satisfaction and comfort is our main aim.

  • Heat Resistant Tags and Labels


We have a wide range of material suitable for tagging or labeling Steel Rods, Bars, Billets, Pipes, etc. Our products can be applied on metal which is up 500 D temperature and suitable for all type of weather. Give us the opportunity to mark your product….

  • Loop Tags :


This tags are used in Steel Industry as well horticulture industry. We have a good satisfied customer base who use this tags. All this tags can be printed in Any Laser Printer for barcoding or product details. It will be our honour to present our samples if given a chance.

We are passionate about providing you high quality product.