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This is one of the sector were we enjoy working & over come the challenges of Producing Printing Material for various airlines around the Globe. We compete here to Global Suppliers and give very aggressive prices along with best Quality and Service. All our machines are equipped with up to date technology to produce various Aviation Printing Material such as Thermal Baggage Tags, Thermal Boarding Pass, Self Seal Tags, Security Tags, Priority Tags, Stand by Tags, Rush Baggage Tags (with post printing of variable barcodes), etc. All our Raw Material is as per IATA Standards and supplied by renowned manufacturers from Europe who are catering this Industry since past more then 100 years.

Our Product Range Consist of :

  • Thermal Baggage (Luggage) Tags :


We Manufacture various size of Thermal Baggage Tags for Airlines and Ground Handling companies all over the Globe. Our Material is Tear Resistant as per IATA standards. Our Machines are equipped with special die cutting facility for various designs of Thermal Baggage Tags.


Further more we also manufacture Self Seal Baggage tags (without release paper) were multiple counter tags are not required. This product in in high demand now were self check in options are available.

  • Thermal Boarding Pass :


We have a huge production capacity for manufacturing Thermal Boarding Pass (ATB) for various airlines. Our prices are very competitive in this sector as we do understand how competitive the Aviation Industry is. All boarding pass are printable in all barcode printers.

  • Other Aviation Printing Products :


We have developed many aviation printing material in our Machines such as Priority Tags, Hand record tags, Rush Baggage Tags, Cabin Baggage Tags, etc. It will be our pleasure to provide our best price offer once given a chanceā€¦

We are passionate about providing you high quality product.